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Updated: Nov 3, 2022

In my Healthy. Fit. Free. What's App nutrition chat (You can subscribe HERE if you don't already), we have been discussing strategies for Shabbos when food can be more challenging for many. I gave a tip about drinking caffeine free naturally flavored Good Earth cinnamon tea to help with the cravings and overeating, especially during those long meals. I'm so happy many found it helpful - Thank you for the feedback.

Some of you mentioned that a big challenge is the 4:00-5:00 ‘munchy crunchy’ time, when Shalosh Seudos is nowhere on the horizon. We’ve all been there and it makes sense to feel hungry at this time when it's been hours since the lunch meal was over.

When this happens, I just do what I do whenever my body is telling me that it wants to eat.

1. The first thing I do is to check my hydration levels. Before I eat anything, I try to drink 2 to 3 cups of water. This is actually the perfect time for that tea, a decaf green tea, or one of your favorites. Make sure it's decaf since it's already late in the day. This gives me a chance to stop and gauge if I am really hungry or if I am feeling another emotion such as bored, lonely, tired.

2. My next strategy is to get out of the kitchen. I go for a walk or to a shiur, visit a friend, or take my kids to the park. To me, my environment is a major part of my behavior. If it’s there, I can’t rely on my willpower to help me out. I have to make conscientious decisions of how to go about avoiding what I don’t want in my body vs what I feel will serve my highest good. The best strategy is to avoid the confrontation.

3. If I am truly physiologically hungry, after about 20 minutes, I would definitely start with precut fresh fruit or go for my green smoothie, which is very filling and usually does the trick. (More about that in another post).

4. If I still need more, I try to have something ‘healthy’ that’s special for me for Shabbos (best in premeasured portions) that I really can be present for and enjoy. Avocado mousse, a couple of energy bites, or some nice cream. I try to enjoy it L’chvod Shabbos. The idea is to PLAN for my attack and have things in the house that will help through those ‘expected’ times that I know will be coming up.

Hope these tips help. Keep letting me know what you are struggling with and if these tips are helping you.

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