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Pre-recorded so you can do at your own pace. Once you purchase, you can access forever.


Rivka’s classes were a breath of fresh, healthy air. She really articulated with such clarity great health and wellness strategies that were user friendly. The recipes that she demonstrated were fabulous and easy to follow. Truly inspirational and highly recommended!

-Rebecca Chesner,  Baltimore, MD

The course was relevant and practical.  Rivka presented an approach that was wholesome and doable. I'm working on making some real, long-lasting changes one step at a time. 

-Passaic, NJ

Rivka presents an informative, practical, well thought out program which speaks to frum women of all ages. She covers many health related topics of interest such as diet, exercise, plant based nutrition, and how to create healthy habits. She also includes interesting and fun cooking demonstrations and kitchen hacks. Her enthusiasm and high regard for healthy living are contagious! I highly recommend this course.
 - AR

Your class was enlightening, empowering, and very practical. You made healthy living so doable and I am already implementing so many of the tools that you taught. I love that you live what you teach and how you always bring Hashem into the picture. Wishing you continued Siyata Dishmaya!
 - RG, St. Louis, MO

A very informative and enjoyable course. The tools provided are real game changers.

-Miriam, Brooklyn, NY

Rivka's course is amazing! It is super clear, informative, and easy to follow. Healthy eating becomes exciting and doable after taking Rivka's course. We are all eating healthier and slimming down, thanks to Rivka!
-DB, Jerusalem, Israel 

I have gained so much from Rivka’s healthy living workshops. She skillfully blended together so much incredible information to help us live a healthy lifestyle, eat well, feel good about ourselves, all to serve Hashem! It was a game-changer for me!
 Shevy Frank, Monsey, NY

The course you gave was very informative and amazing.

Rivka’s healthy living program taught me a lot about inner work within myself. It motivated me to adapt to a healthy lifestyle for the long haul and lose weight at a healthy and steady pace as opposed to wanting a fast, easy way to lose a lot of weight very quickly. Rivka’s main focus on health and not weight loss also contributed to my motivation to make the changes necessary. By following the eating plan I did not feel hungry at all. I was able to incorporate the ideas slowly so they become eating habits and not a diet.
 - NN

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