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"I met Rivka at two separate community events.  At both meetings I was so impressed with her positive personality (and the joy that just shines from her whole being).  When I found out about  Healthy Living with Rivka, I decided to call her, hoping she could help me deal with my health crisis.  What I encountered was far more than I had expected.  Rivka is a tremendous and constant powerhouse of strength and encouragement. With her wealth of knowledge, she taught and guided me towards a healthier lifestyle emotionally, spiritually and physically.   With her smile and continuing support, I am still improving; feeling better and more energized and maintaining a positive outlook on life.  I am extremely grateful. Thank you Rivka!"

- Tamar from Passaic, NJ    

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"Healthy Living with Rivka is a fantastic program! I am so impressed by the wealth of knowledge, encouragement and support that Rivka has, and I am amazed how, with a few adjustments, I was able to see wonderful results. I love how Rivka incorporates Hashem into the process. With Rivka's guidance and support I am able to enjoy Shabbos and Yom Tov more than ever. Rivka is a pleasure to work with and a great role model! I recommend this program to anyone who would like to improve their quality of life and do the mitzvah of guarding one's health."

- Sarah from Passaic, NJ

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"Thank you so much for the information, inspiration, support, and tefillos."


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“This lifestyle is the way to go! Aside from being healthy, I get the benefits  of feeling and looking good too!”


"Dear Rivka,

I now have an eating plan that works

It has so many extra perks

The food is tasty and HEALTHY too

And I’m comfortably learning what to do.


I love the fact that it’s packed with crunch

Nuts and seeds are ok to munch.

I lost my cravings for sugary treats

Fruits and vegetables are tastier sweets.


While meals take time to prepare

I cook in bulk and then they’re there.

I just reheat throughout the week

Delicious foods from nature, no added tweaks.


You work hard to make things clear.

I can send a text and know you’re there

To answer questions and be a helpful guide

And the best part is, I feel great inside."


Many thanks,

A grateful client

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"My doctor was ecstatic with Rivka’s  program. My triglycerides and cholesterol levels went down and my thyroid is stabilizing! My blood pressure went from 200/11 to under 118/74.  The doctor couldn’t believe it. My clothes are getting loose and so far I’ve lost 25 pounds! Some people don’t even recognize me.


I used to eat the whole day. Now I am organized and scheduled. I know what to buy and where and I have the proper food in the house. I know when I am full and stop eating.  Rivka’s  program is extremely doable and does not feel like a burden.  I love my food, enjoy my meals, and I don’t feel deprived at all. 


This diet has also  helped my anxiety and my overall emotional wellbeing.  I even got motivated to declutter. I am sleeping better and have more energy than ever. I feel like I'm on a high!"


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"I have been struggling with my weight for decades. Whatever diet  is out there, you name it, I tried it. Nothing worked! I was dieting and depriving myself until I snapped and would eat everything in sight. Baruch Hashem, Healthy Living with Rivka is like a dream come true. I am no longer on a diet, I am just eating healthy!


I love the food plan. I especially enjoy working with Rivka. Through our coaching, I am discovering a whole new world. My entire relationship with my husband has changed and Super POWER House woman has turned into a nurturer. Thank you Rivka for facilitating my growth!"

- A grateful client, Passaic

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"Rivka presented the information in a clear and concise manner. My questions were all addressed and I felt very comfortable discussing nutrition with her. Rivka made lots of helpful suggestions that don't require major changes! 


Thanks so much!"


"Rivka created a calm focused space filled with positivity, useful information, tips and inspiration with Hashem in the picture."


Fruit and Granola

"Coaching by Rivka was the best thing I did. Through our work together and turning to Hashem, I was able to achieve my goals and live the lifestyle that I have always wanted. Rivka made healthy living and eating very easy with all her guidance and support. I highly recommend Rivka for one-on-one coaching!"

- YB, Brooklyn, NY

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Image by Elena Kloppenburg

"I really appreciate the way that Rivka was able to guide me in a detailed and personalized fashion. The details are important to me and I admire the fact that they are important to her too, and that she puts time and effort towards them. Rivka has a lot of wisdom and experience."

- N.N.

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"Thank you Rivka for helping me make subtle and easy changes in my diet which have resulted in significant increases of my energy levels!  These changes have really enhanced my sense of daily wellbeing."

—- Chaya Hyman, Passaic, NJ

"Rivka helped me discover where I was stuck emotionally, mentally, and physically.  She gave me the motivation, tools, and most importantly, the support to get me back on track.  Rivka’s program was truly a breakthrough in helping me stop the cycle of emotional eating. Now, I feel free and in control.  I have my body back!"

- Passaic, NJ

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"Rivka is a wonderful person and a terrific coach! I would not have been able to manage without all the dieting techniques that she taught. In addition, Rivka helped me strengthen my emunah and build and strengthen my relationships with the most important people in my life. Now, I am able to keep up everything I’ve learnt. Thank you!"

- Anonymous, New York


"Rivka has been a real help to us. My daughter’s eating habits were out of control, causing her to have many other issues, including acne, constipation, and headaches. Rivka not only gave us great advice, but interacted with my teenage daughter in a way that allowed them to forge a bond, which encouraged my daughter to finally start taking the steps she needed to start eating right. My daughter actually enjoys our appointments with Rivka and is finally starting to take control of her health."

- C.M., New Jersey

Image by Zsófia Vera Mezei

"Rivka is incredibly positive and motivating. She is a great coach who really puts her all into every client. She is a great listener and works hard to figure out what will work for each client- personalizing the program to fit each person’s lifestyle. She always goes the extra mile to help you be successful. (She asked me for my favorite picture of myself - never did I dream she would print it out for me like a poster and deliver this present to me.)  She really loves her clients and it shows!!"

- Y.S., Passaic, New Jersey

"I have struggled for years to incorporate healthy habits into my life. Working with Rivka was different from any other experience I had in the past. Rivka is fun, upbeat and very knowledgeable. She helped me recognize how my emotions played a role in my actions and used that to facilitate new healthy habits and lifestyle changes into my daily routine."

- Chany,New Jersey

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"Rivka Golombeck changed my life! I had visited countless weight loss options, and nothing was effective. After a few short months on her program, I was able to lose all my baby weight. Rivka’s program caters to busy mothers and helps incorporate a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating, physical activity, and practical tips and advice. I highly recommend it."   

- P.Z., Maryland

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"Rivka’s program is clear, thorough and effective. She gave me insight to my obstacles and directed me with warmth, care and inspiration to move past them. With her knowledge and guidance, many seemingly out of reach goals became accessible."

- S.G.


"We started seeing Rivka to help my daughter with her nutritional needs. After a while, however, I began seeing Rivka myself, to help with some of my parenting challenges. I love how Rivka weaves our relationship with Hashem into her advice and how she empowers me as an individual and as a parent to better myself and my relationship with my family. I have seen real progress in terms of my daughter’s nutrition and also for myself. Thank you, Rivka!"

- C.M.,Hillside, NJ

"Rivka is patient, supportive and encouraging. She worked with my individual needs to help me break through the barriers that stand in the way of adopting this lifestyle.  Her insights about the deeper “why” power was helpful in framing and broadening my appreciation for the benefit of these shifts and to remain committed to them.

I am very grateful to Rivka for helping me embrace a more healthful lifestyle."

- Anonymous,Manhattan


"Rivka is amazing! Her coaching skills, wealth of knowledge and encouragement have transformed my life. I feel better, I have strengthened my relationships with others, and I am experiencing more inner peace and happiness. Thank you for getting me on track to a healthier lifestyle emotionally, physically, and spiritually!"

- Tamar

“Rivka helped me discover where I was stuck emotionally, mentally, and physically. She gave me the motivation, tools, and most importantly, the support, to get me back on track.  This was truly a breakthrough in helping me stop the cycle of emotional eating. I feel free and in control. I have my body back! ”

- A.C., Passaic, NJ

"Healthy Living with Rivka Golombeck opened my eyes to a world of healthful eating and living.  I thought I was eating healthy already, but she showed me there is so much more to add! Rivka is a joy to work with and full of ideas and solutions." 

- S.S., Manhattan

"This wellness program is extremely informative. Rivka is so enthusiastic she
will make you want to follow her protocols— even against your will! "

- Judith H.,Manhattan, NY

Healthy Breakfast

"Being on Rivka's Healthy Living program created a total transformation. My total cholesterol dropped from 196 to 153. I lost 30 pounds and my BMI dropped form 31 to 26!"

- M.G., Clifton, NJ

Doctor's Appointment
Fresh Vegetables

"I lost the weight I have been trying for so long to get rid of, I feel better, lighter and no longer feel sluggish after a long day. I don't even feel like I am missing out. I recently went to a wedding and made sure to eat before I went. I didn't even have an urge to go over to the smorgasbord to see the delicious assortment, as I was filled up with a nutritious meal before. You have shared so many helpful hints, and have been so available for all my questions!"

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"I just finished taking Rivka’s 6-week introductory healthy living course and I have to say that it’s been eye-opening and transformative. I never truly appreciated how beneficial a whole plant based diet could be for me. I have started adopting a number of the things I learned and I am feeling lighter, more energized and healthful. Rivka is extremely knowledgeable and is always happy to guide me in my journey to healthy living.I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to be more healthful, energized and lose weight."

- N.K.

"My sessions with Rivka invariably leave me feeling confident that I can make the best choices and reach my goals. She is always positive, thoughtful and incredibly well informed. Rivka infuses her practical guidance with energizing and meaningful spiritual content. What a dynamic combination!"

- Denise Karasick, Manhattan, NY

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“I am excited to let you know that I lost 8 pounds within the first month or so since I attended your demo. I am finally back at my pre-covid weight, which I have been struggling to meet. My husband jumped on my bandwagon and his endocrinologist was very impressed by his 7 pound weight loss. I have become a passionate advocate of this diet. This is really a way of life I can live with happily! Thank you again.”  BH!

- N.N.

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"At the start, Rivka helped me evaluate the “why” of why I wanted to lose weight. Being in touch with those values helped me stay motivated and consistent. I slowly incorporated more and more healthy habits into my daily routine. It seemed easy and I felt fully satiated with the food I was eating. I had more energy and passion and felt healthier and more fit. I have tremendous gratitude to HaShem for my success with this program." 

- N.P.

Healthy Salad
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