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Vacation time! Now what do I eat?

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

As always, planning ahead is key, especially when I travel. I try to make sure I have a ready supply of healthy choices available both for the trip itself and when I get there. The Jewish mother in me (AKA food focused), is always rearing its head in one way or another.

Here are some simple suggestions of easy take alongs that I often reach for to make sure we are well stocked for the trip.

  • Ezekiel bread or rice cakes sandwiches with almond or peanut butter

(Food prep hack: You can make Ezekiel bread sandwiches (untoasted) in advance and freeze them in individual ziploc baggies and let them defrost as needed. My clients and I keep these on hand for easy grab and go meals.)

  • veggie burgers with mini guacamole cups

  • hummus and vegetable crudite

  • mason jar salads in plastic containers

  • quinoa salad with chickpeas

  • roasted whole or hassle-backed sweet potatoes drizzled with tahini (a personal favorite!)

  • baggies of raw nuts

  • energy balls

  • breakfast banana cookies

  • Gogi Power Bites

  • hardy fruits like apples, oranges, clementines, even wrapped firm grapes. (No squishy pears or bananas please!)

  • cut up vegetables like snap peas, celery and carrot sticks, cucumber and bell pepper slices, all packed in ziplock bags with paper towels so they stay fresh. I wash grape tomatoes and bring them in their original containers to keep them from getting squashed.

  • chia puddings (Make ahead and freeze.)

  • overnight oats (Make ahead and freeze.)

Please share your best healthy easy travel food ideas that I can pass on to others. Wishing you a fantastic 'staying on track' vacation!

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