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Mason. Jar. Salads.

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

During this busy time of year, or any time for that matter, it's always a great idea to prep ahead for the week to come. 'Mason jar' salads, as they are affectionately called, are perfect for this. These are also fantastic made in tall plastic containers for Chol Hamoed trips or at the office.

These salads are actually full meals that are ready to pull out of the fridge for a quick lunch (or dinner) either at home or the office. I love the "prep once, eat twice" or eat 4-5x to be exact. This way you have a delicious, fresh salad every day of the week without having to wash, chop, and prep vegetables every day.

To prepare the mason jars salads in advance and keep them fresh and avoid wilting, the key is to pack them strategically and tightly. Layer them with the liquid or wet ingredients in the lowest part of the jar and the dry, crunchy stuff safely at the top. Then, when lunch or dinner time calls, simply shake or empty the contents into a large bowl and mix.

Here's how I do it to make sure that everything stays crisp:

Layer 1: Dressing: Pour in some Balsamic vinaigrette or tahini based dressing on the bottom.

Layer 2: Complex Carbs (Starchy Vegetables, Grains, and Proteins (Legumes): Here goes the whole grain rice, quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, chickpeas and/or edamame.

Layer 3: Veggies: (harder ones first): Add shredded carrots, cabbage, snap peas, cucumber slices, diced red onion, whole grape tomatoes, etc

Layer 4: Nuts and Seeds: Sprinkle in some hemp seeds, slivered almonds, or pumpkin seeds for crunch, added protein, and healthy fats.

Layer 5: Greens: Top with arugula, romaine, red leaf, spinach. In my opinion, the greener the better!

Seal tightly and store up to 5 days. Now you just need the time to sit and eat it! Enjoy and let me know your favorite versions.

Eating healthy any time of year, but especially pre Yom Tov, can be a challenge while you run from task to task and everyone seems to need you. That's why setting up these 'healthy habits' is so crucial so you don't fall apart.

If you are struggling to keep yourself (and everyone) going without sacrificing your health and wellbeing, be in touch to learn additional easy prep ideas and more to stay 'ahead of the game'. I am here for you at or 973-803-8698.

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