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Fast. Day. Prep.

At our Tehillim circle in the country last night, a friend of mine mentioned that she doesn't fast well. She gets headaches, experiences low blood pressure, and more. As the conversation continued, she also casually added that she doesn’t drink enough water in general on a daily basis. BING! I think she hit it on the nail.

As I have mentioned in various posts, water is crucial for our health on so many levels. When our daily hydration levels are not met and then we go into fasting mode, it can be very difficult to get through the day without feeling the consequences.

Here are some suggestions that I hope will be helpful to you.

  • Try using these ingredients to make your own electrolyte drink.

  • Start this regimen of drinking a few days in advance, (ie. today!), to get the most benefits.

  • Begin drinking when you wake up and then continue throughout the day. Don’t wait until right before the fast begins, after you’ve eaten a heavy Shalosh Seudos. You’ll probably feel a little nauseous and bloated.

  • Eat hydrating foods in general (go plants!), but especially before a fast. Watermelon is a favorite!

  • Keep your salt intake down throughout the day before a fast, but especially towards the end of the day. (Actually, this is always a good idea.)

  • Attention coffee drinkers! If you can, try limiting your intake a few days before the fast to avoid those horrible headaches.

  • Most importantly, daven that you are able to fast well so you can focus on what’s truly important: What that particular fast day is all about, the message we’re supposed to take in, and the growth and change it is supposed to engender.

Wishing you all a meaningful, easy fast. May this be our last one, IYH!

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