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Drink. Lots. of Water.

Updated: 21 hours ago

On such hot days it’s even more crucial to be well hydrated.

Ideally it’s best to drink between 1/2 to 2/3 of your body weight in oz of water. If you drink coffee, go swimming, (both are dehydrating), or for weight loss, go for the higher numbers.

Just try to follow the Rambam's suggestion to drink AROUND your meals, instead of during. He says ideally up to 20 mins before and to try to wait until 2 hours after, but just do your best. This allows your digestive enzymes to do their job without being diluted. The best time to start drinking is right when you wake up.

Here is a great hard plastic 24 oz water bottle I like to keep handy for all those refills. I take them with me to the pool for before and after my laps.

Below is a handy water tracker to keep those glasses going. Download and hang on your fridge and/or set reminders till you’re in the habit.

water-tracker-10-glasses-monday (1)
Download PDF • 2.10MB

Another trick is to put rubber bands around your 24 oz water bottle and remove one each time you finish it. Then immediately refill. 💦

Drink up. It does your body good!

You can also “eat your water” with these delicious ways.

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