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"This is the beginning of a long road for me, and I am so grateful to you for being the leader. 
BH, I lost about 30 pounds EASILY and best of all was that I was NEVER hungry because I was able to eat so much yummy guilt free food! This is life changing for me and I am so grateful to you and HKBH!"

- Y.L. 

“The class was practical, positive, and doable.”

- Anonymous

“Thanks so much for the class. I can see it being really helpful.”

- Anonymous

“Excellent!!! Informative and clear!!”

- Anonymous

"Thank you so much for your outstanding teleconference. I really loved the classes! You have a tremendous ability to give over so much information in a clear, thoughtful, easy to digest, and biteable fashion. "

- Anonymous

Healthy eating and healthy living has so many benefits. Rivka Golombeck is clear, balanced, wise, and very helpful. She takes it slow and makes it work for you and your lifestyle. She stays focused that it is all about maximizing the beautiful foods Hashem gave us to serve Him better. A win win!!!!!! Go for it. You and your family will really gain. Rivka is a blessing!

- Anonymous

"Rivka,  tonight I finally got to finish listening to the final class.  You really did an excellent presentation.  I absolutely love and appreciate the baseline of your teaching in line with the hashkafos you live by.  I have been eating so much better and am enjoying the food.  I am very happy I joined this group course."

- RM, Far Rockaway

"I really appreciate all the health information and support that I got from your course. It really made a big difference in my family’s meals, and of course my own!"

- MR, Williamsburg

"The course was helpful to me on a practical level. Since I've been health minded my whole life, I benefited most from the tips, ideas, and recipes to implement all the info on a day to day basis. Very practical and doable!"

- Judith G. Spring Valley

"Rivka’s enthusiasm about healthy eating is as refreshing as a gourmet crunchy salad. My personal food choices have been remarkably much more wholesome since listening to her classes."

- Esther Lefkowitz, Monsey

"I gained so much from Rivka Golombeck's teleconference. Rivka presents her years of wisdom in a cheerful, friendly, clear and easy to incorporate fashion. It is uncomplicated, practical, and user friendly. She weaves into her course a strong ruchnius element too. Rivka is wonderful! "

- E.F. Flatbush  

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