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While most of us try to look the other way on Purim, at some point, we can get a bit overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of what our kids collect and consume. (Especially the colored powdered sugar extreme sour variety…)

If you are struggling to get your kids to resist even some of the junk food and make healthier choices, look no further than the Victory Jar! This awesome idea, inspired by Yechezkel Ishayek's book, To Your Health, is a fun and effective way to help your kids make the smartest choices possible.

Here's how it works:

Each child gets their own ‘see through’ jar or container. (It can also be one big jar for the whole family which really makes it a team effort and speed up the process.)

You explain to your kids that while junk food might look and taste amazing now, it's not so good for them in the long run. And being that it can be really hard to give up some of their treats that look so good now, you are ready to help them "trade it in."

To motivate them, your child or family can decide on a special prize that you've picked out in advance. It could be something everyone in the family can enjoy together, like a fun outing or a family game night, or something your individual children really want like a new toy or game. The main thing is that it has to be really worth it! (You can even add a picture of the prize to the jar to remind them.)

Now, every time your child resists the temptation and puts something - anything - into the jar, they become a "Gibbor”, and you celebrate their ‘victory’. Once the jar is filled up, it's time to reap the rewards.

Here’s another version without the jar. The kids lay out all their booty and take out what they really want to hold on to. Then they separate that pile into snacks for school while they save the junkier stuff for Shabbos.

For the nosh they are willing to let go of, they decide if they want to give some of it to tzedaka and the rest they sell to you for straight up cash. Believe me, almost any reasonable amount is totally worth it!

Besides the benefit of them not consuming all that junk themselves, there are also the advantages of them flexing their ‘self control muscles’ and making higher choices. And as we know, one good choice often leads to another!

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