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Hello. I'm so glad you found my site.

Quinoa Dish in Jar

About Me

Healthy. Fit. Free.

Hi! I’m Rivka.

I’m a health and weight loss coach who teaches and practices healthy eating and living. 

A crucial cornerstone of my plan is centering my daily diet around low-fat and whole foods that are gentle on the system, naturally filling and packed with proteins and nutrients.

I feel privileged to be able to pass on my program to others. In my role as a health and weight loss coach, I share my healthy eating and living plan that will have you feeling full, satisfied and healthier than ever before. Through a holistic, whole-body, balanced approach, I will teach you how to eat food that your body truly craves, helping you look better, feel better and finally enjoy peace of mind.

Together, we’ll create the program that you need to have a breakthrough to your healthiest, best you!


Healthy Living with Rivka Golombeck  |  Tel: 973-803-8698

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