Tefilla. to Elevate. Eating.

As we are taught, Yom Kippur is K’ (like) Purim.

On Yom Kippur, we refrain from the physical acts of eating and drinking in order to focus on the awesomeness of the day without distractions. On Purim we do the opposite and engage in mitzvos of eating and drinking to elevate these physical acts to the spiritual realm.

Below is a Tefilla* asking for help in elevating our entire food experience (from preparing through eating.) We ask that the food be healthy, nourishing, and satisfying both physically and spiritually. It should enable us to act with proper middos and bring us to increased love for Hashem and His Torah. We daven that we be saved from harmful foods and eating behaviors.

May we continue to make wise choices in all that we do and may our efforts be blessed with success.

*Source unknown.

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