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Sugar's "unsweet" side!

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

We all know inherently that sugar is bad for us, but do we really know how bad it is for us?

Sugar is an anti-nutrient that harms our health. It robs the body of essential vitamins and nutrients and feeds the bad bacteria and yeast in our digestive tract, causing untold damage. The combined worldwide deaths associated with obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are around 38 million each year, linked closely to sugar consumption.

The average American eats 140 lbs. of sugar per year! Added sugars, either natural or artificial, have found their way into most of the foods we love to consume. Even foods marketed as health foods are often higher in sugar than they think, so people end up consuming more sugar than they realize with very detrimental effects.

So how can you stay away from sugar and take back control of your health?

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