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Set. It. and Forget. It!

Most of us learning about health and nutrition want to learn HOW to cook this way. New recipes, new ingredients, new techniques. It can seem overwhelming.

Healthy cooking can also be perceived as more time consuming and involving a slower process. It's definitely easier to go pick up a box of prepared food and stick it in the toaster then to cut up vegetables for a homemade soup.

This is true even if the results are well worth it.

That being said, with a little ingenuity and the right equipment, a few time saving systems can become your best friends in the kitchen.

Let’s start with one of my favorite pieces of equipment that I use almost daily, the Instant Pot. It's a pressure cooker, crockpot, saute pan, rice cooker, and steamer all in one.

Here are 5 great things you can make in it today with little prep work and all the convenience of “pushing a button.”

1. Overnight steel cut oats: hot, fresh, and ready for the breakfast rush. All set for the addition of whatever you want to mix in. Try a variety of seeds like ground flax, chia, hemp, some chopped walnuts, a handful of raisins, a dash of cinnamon, unsweetened vanilla plant milk, fresh or frozen fruit. Possibilities are endless.

2. Sautéed mushrooms (bought presliced from the store if time crunch)

3. Fluffy Wild rice for under steamed or roasted vegetables

4. Baked sweet potatoes

5. Vegetable and legume soups

Recipes for these will be in upcoming posts, so stay tuned! Each one literally takes only minutes of prep and cooking time.

To make it easier, I’ve added the Instant Pot to the SHOP category on my website where I have many products I recommend to clients and use myself. Keep checking it as I am constantly adding to the list.

The possibilities of eating healthy and satisfying are really endless. What we need is the WHAT, the HOW, and of course, very important, the WHY!

I’d love for you to join me on this journey as we learn how to get there. Stay tuned for updates on my new nutrition course and group coaching program to be released in the near future, IYH. Let's Get Healthy Together!

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate/ Affiliate, I earn a very small amount from qualifying purchases, but it does not affect your purchase price. I appreciate your support and trust in my recommendations. Thank you!

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