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Hey Apple! Wanna Date?

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Although I usually use date paste, bananas, applesauce, and other fruit and to sweeten energy bites, baked goods, puddings, and desserts, date sugar is another great sweetener. According to Dr. Michael Greger from, date sugar (found online or in health food stores) is the most nutritious sweetener to use in baking.

Date sugar is just whole dried dates, ground into powder. Since it’s a whole plant food, it retains its fiber and will have a thickening effect in recipes. Therefore, it's advised that you reduce the flour in your recipe by 25%.

*Note: Dates are not as sweet as refined sugar, so you will need to add a bit more to your recipes in order to achieve the same sweetness. The recommended substitution amounts in baking is 1:1 for brown sugar and 1:1.3 for white. FYI, this holds true for date paste as well.

(Although to me, fresh dates are a 'little taste of heaven', especially when you use them to make a warm caramel sauce. YUM!)

*Keep in mind that date sugar does not dissolve well in liquids (hot or cold) so it might not work for you in coffee sweeter or iced tea but I do use it in salad dressings and it works just fine.

Here's to a "naturally sweet" new day. Please share what you make with it so I can pass it along. Let's Get Healthy Together!

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