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Healthy. Easy. Onions.

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite hacks that is the start to so many of my recipes.

As I explain in my Heathy. Fit. Free. Nutrition course, one of the secrets to maintaining a healthy weight is to keep the 'Caloric Density' of your meals as low as possible. This way you get maximum nutrition while staying slim and fully satisfied. Basically, you get to eat more for the same calories, without feeling hungry or deprived. A win win in my book! :)

With oil 'weighing in' at 4,000!!!! calories per pound, it's the highest caloric density category on the chart! Remember, healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocados) are good for you in the right amounts. You just want to keep them in their 'whole' form, as close to the way Hashem made them, with all their water and fiber intact.

One of my main objectives is to keep the overall caloric density of my meal low while still enjoying the delicious tastes and flavors of healthy food.

Here's my trick! I 'water saute my onions and other vegetables instead of using oil.

I start by preheating a non stick skillet (teflon free) or by using one of my favorite kitchen appliances, the instant pot. You will know the pot is hot enough when the water sputters when dropped in the pan. Use small amounts (two to three tablespoons) of water or low sodium veg broth in the skillet, pot, or pan, covering occasionally, and adding more water as necessary until the onions are tender. Eventually the magic starts to happen and the onions begin caramelizing and turn golden brown. Stir frequently with a wooden spoon to get all the browned bits from sticking to the bottom.

One of my kitchen hacks is to make big batches of water-sautéed onions that I keep in the fridge or freeze in small batches and have at my fingertips for soups, stir-fries, cholent, stews, grain bowls, and so many other recipes.

Wa La! Sautéed onions, ready when you are! Enjoy in all your dishes, l'chvod Shabbos!

Tip: While doing this, I stay close to the kitchen and set my oven timer to remind me to stir every few minutes, (especially as it gets close to the end), so it doesn't burn.

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