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'Flipping' to the other side.

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

We are all faced with challenges, both big and small. These are given to us to help us grow, develop, and become our best selves. And while we know they are for our greatest good, we still Daven that Hashem should bring us yeshuos.

On Purim, Hashem is "Poshet Yad." He gives with an open hand, whether one is deserving or not. Therefore, there is a tremendous opportunity and power for Tefilla on Purim. Sometimes though, we are so busy with the mitzvos of the day and all the family obligations that we forget to take advantage of it.

Considering Hashem's 'open hand' and that the essence of the day is "V'Nahafoch Hu" (Reversal/Turnabout), Purim is the perfect time to ask that these difficulties be 'reversed' and that we transition "M'afeila L'ora" (from darkness to light),

To really tap into this, one exercise suggested by Miriam Millhauser Castle is to form a list before Purim of all the things in your life that you find lacking or are struggling with. Challenges in health, shalom bayis, gidul banim, shidduchim, etc. Then write how you would like to see them ‘flipped over’ to the other side. (ie. health issue resolved, improved marriage communication, son happy in school, daughter engaged....) Then on Purim, when you have a few minutes to yourself, you can pull out this list and use it to daven from.

As we all know, Hashem WANTS to give us what is best for us and our families and CAN do so! We just have to do our part by doing the appropriate hishtadlus and Daven. Then we can surrender and leave the rest up to Him.

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