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What's Your Shmear?

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

I love bread and find that a lot of people steer away from it for fear of the carb load.

100% whole grain bread, especially from sprouted grains, can be an enjoyable, satisfying part of your meals without the worry.

As I've mentioned before, Ezekiel breads are what I eat for their many health benefits. Made with 4 whole sprouted grains and 2 legumes, it is high in easily digestible protein, fiber, and nutrition, with zero added sugar.

Ezekiel makes many versions including sliced bread in different flavors like sesame and cinnamon raisin, a wonderful yeast free tortilla, and my absolute favorite, English Muffins, available in regular and cinnamon raisin. I usually slather them with Trader Joes' raw almond or peanut butter when I’m in a “self-care” mode.

You can find the breads in many local Kosher stores and groceries, Trader Joes, Shoprite, etc (It's usually stored in the freezer section.)

The English muffins and tortillas are harder to find. Check your local health food store or ask your neighborhood grocer to stock them. In Passaic, I get them at Aisle One and A1 Nutrition. Tell them I sent you! 

Reach out at or 973-803-8698 to hear more great ideas on how to "make healthy easy and delicious".

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