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How to do falafel right!

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

No matter how on top of my dinner game I am, every once in a while I look at the clock on a busy day and panic. The kids are walking in soon and there is no dinner in sight. On those days, I often reach for this easy, yet healthy, meal.

The Israelis were really onto something when they made their national food from plants! Yes, chickpeas, here we come again.....

What I especially like about this brands of falafel balls are the clean ingredients and that there's no oil, so the choice is yours. Personally, I bake these in the toaster until they are nice and crunchy and then break them up into my salad with some Bubbe's fermented sauerkraut and pickles, and top it off with my homemade tahini dressing, which you can find in my cookbook. With fresh garlic and lemon juice, it's a real winner.

For a great Israeli salad, I cut up Persian cucumbers, plum or grape tomatoes, scallions or red onion, a couple of pickles, and squeeze on some fresh lemon juice and freshly ground black pepper. When I have it on hand, I throw in a generous handful of fresh parsley. I use the frozen or dried parsley in a pinch, but fresh is always best. I love using herbs and spices in my foods to notch up the flavors.

It always amazes me how even quick and convenient can be healthy. Please share some of your healthy hacks to keep us all on top of our dinner game!

Want more creative and easy healthy meal ideas?

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