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Eat. Brush. Move On.

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

For those of you who don't get my newsletter, I wanted to share some good news. I met a friend at the supermarket who told me that after watching my HEALTHY HABITS webinar she lost 8 pounds!!!

She told me that after listening, she took on 2 habits that she felt made a big difference. The first was that even though she always drank a lot, by shifting her water schedule to what we discussed, she wasn't so hungry. She also stopped snacking at night like she used to.


This was an important reminder to me that small changes lead to big results.

I know not eating at night is really hard for some people. I totally get that! It was one of my hardest habits to break.....

A close friend of mine and fellow chat mate shared one of her favorite tricks. She brushes her teeth with flavored toothpaste after dinner. Toothpaste and sweet don’t usually jive and this helps curb her sweet tooth. Sometimes small tricks like this help - other times, it requires a shift in mindset.

I really love seeing how much we are able to help each other through my whatsapp group, group coaching, and all the feedback you send that I try to pass on. Tips and tweaks that work for you can really help someone else struggling with the same issue. Keep sharing!

This is also one of the main benefits of group coaching. Sharing information, ideas, recipes, tricks, and motivation. And the best part is we all keep each other accountable. l'Il be putting together a group in the next few weeks, IYH. If you would like to be part of it, be in touch at and I'll keep you posted. For those who need the 1-1 support and accountably, feel free to reach out as well.

If you prefer to learn and go through the program at your own pace, you can sign up for my Healthy.Fit. Free. Nutrition course which is 8 pre-recorded modules that focuses on mindset, hydration, and what to eat!

Join here to subscribe to the newsletter or the what's app chat so you stay in the loop and keep growing with us.

"Creating community together!" One healthy habit at a time!

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