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Stress = Weight Gain!

Now that's a stressful statement if I ever heard one!

"Stop the world, I need to get off!!!"

Does your whole body tense up when you think of what still needs to be done before Yom Tov?

High Stress = High Cortisol = High Insulin = Elevated Blood Sugar = Weight Gain!!!

To counter this I go deep in my signature 1-1 coaching practice on managing stress and offer many techniques and tools that have helped me and my clients create a more peaceful balanced existence.

Sometimes though, we need 'in the moment' help and this cute list below offers quick and very effective de-stressors to help us defuse.

Notice how "Eat a container of ice cream." was not on the list. LOL.

These tactics are great for pre Yom Tov or for any time when you are B"H busier than usual and find yourself at wit's end. (IYH only for good things!)

That is, until we create systems to help you avoid the stress to begin with.

If you find that STRESSED OUT!!! is your usual, click here to set up a FREE consultation call to see how I can help you bs"d reach your health and wellness goals and get rid of any "stressors" that are getting in the way!

Never miss another post! Click HERE to join my FREE Healthy. Fit. Free. 2! WhatsApp group for nutrition and weight loss tips and inspiration and HERE to grab my FREE HEALTHY RECIPE SAMPLER! Contact me at or 973-803-8698.

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