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Buy! Buy! Buy! Ahhhhh

Do you know the best way to save money this holiday season?

Don't buy anything. LOL.

We just passed Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and for the next month we will be continuously bombarded with emails, alerts, and advertisements tempting us to buy, buy, buy. And while this may actually be a good time of year to get good deals on things we need, the fear of missing out on those deals can also be overwhelming and anxiety provoking for many.

In my post yesterday, I talked about keeping a gratitude journal, which helps us to focus and practice being grateful for what we already have, and fight against our human nature to focus on what we want.

These same feelings of 'missing out' can also present themselves in relation to food. Feelings of being deprived, not being satisfied, craving more, even when we try to hold strong, can lead to overindulging and losing control.

And again, it's about our mindset - understanding and focusing on our WHY, how healthy food and lifestyle habits are providing for and nourishing our bodies, minds, and our souls! Our wants, needs, and desires, change based on our mindset and we need to keep that front and center.

For this reason, the first module of my upcoming nutrition course is all about creating and transforming our mindset. Before I give out food planning ideas, grocery lists, and recipes, we first focus on our state of mind.

A teacher once explained the difference between cramming for an exam and studying in advance in shorter intervals over a longer period of time. She explained that you may ace the test by cramming. However, studies show that you will almost immediately forget the information right after you take the exam. In contrast, you will more likely retain the knowledge if you study it in shorter intervals over a longer period.

Creating a healthy lifestyle is the same. There are plenty of programs/diets out there where you can lose weight quickly to fit into that dress or look good at your simcha, but you almost always gain them back (and more!!!) These 'instant success' programs/diets will not have the same long term effects that changing your mindset and building healthy habits into your lifestyle will.

Now, here's a deal I would like you to take advantage of!

If you are interested in hearing more about my new Healthy. Fit. Free. Nutrition course, it's now being offered at a low introductory price until the last day of Chanuka, Mon, Dec 6,

CLICK HERE to find out how you can take your health to the next level!

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