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Be. Kind. To Yourself.

I’m in the final stretches of preparations for my fall Healthy Living retreat this upcoming Sunday/Monday, IYH. It has been a dream of mine to do this for a long time! I feel so grateful to all the superstar presenters that are joining me for the workshops and am excited to greet and connect with all the participants.

Looking back, I had so many fears and doubts - What if no one signs up? What if logistically it’s too complicated to coordinate? What if it rains?!?

I set my intentions, goals, and action steps, quieted the fears and doubts, worked hard, davened, and BH, things came together. I coached myself through this in the same way that I coach my clients, with lots of positive, 'can do' energy and affirmations, and got the support and direction I needed.

Isn’t it interesting how sometimes it is so much easier to see the potential in others, while we are so hard on ourselves? Well, let this be a small reminder to be kind to yourself today! Set your intentions and goals, create the plan, take the next best action steps, DAVEN!!! and believe, that with Hashem’s help, and hard work, they are possible.

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