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An Attitude. of Gratitude.

That one simple word can inspire so many feelings….

It can remind us to appreciate all that our Creator has given us.

It can connect us to the people whom we love.

It can create a space of open heartedness and expansion to allow more bracha to flow into our lives.

It is such a simple and obvious concept, yet most of us probably go about our day without considering what we have to be thankful for.

The chag of Chanukah is upon us, and as we saw the tremendous power of gratitude in the clip I forwarded earlier this week, it's so apropos to focus on it at this time.

Keeping a gratitude journal is one technique we can use to access this state. You can jot down entries at the end of your day or keep a notebook handy in the kitchen for easy access.

A good time to reflect on something we are grateful for can be during candle lighting, saying Modim, or when making our first Shehakol of the day.

It's so crucial to take the time to contemplate those things that we appreciate, thank Hashem, and internalize how truly blessed we really are.

Wishing you a freilichin, HEALTHY LIVING Chanukah,

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