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Vitamix. Vibrations.

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Everyone loves a good sale and now is as good a time to invest in my favorite high speed blender, the Vitamix!

For those wanting to incorporate more plants into their meals, it's a real game changer. The Vitamix is more powerful, durable, and versatile than any others I have tried and make everything super smooth. They are built to last, and in my opinion, worth the price. I have had mine for years and use it almost every day.

Great for so many of my recipes on my page on like green smoothies, blending soups, creaming sweet potatoes, making your own gluten free oat flour, chopping nuts, and for cherry choc chip 'nice cream'.... YUM!

The single serve cups are perfect for individual servings and grab and go, but they are not necessary if you opt for the less expensive version which doesn't come with them.

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