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Up. Your. Iron!

Look what I found at the local kosher store!

Lentils have 30% RDA of iron, are chock full of protein (16% RDA for men & 20% RDA for women), contain negligible fat, and are low in calories. This is why scientists and nutritionists are strongly recommending we start turning to plants for our protein and other nutritional needs, to get the BEST NUTRITIONAL BANG FOR THE LEAST CALORIC BUCK! And this 'ready to go' pouch makes it super convenient, at home or away.

Great for easy prep in soups, stews, or on top of rice and veggies. Lentil soup recipe on the back but you can always use this Italian Lentil Soup recipe or any of your own favorites.

Another easy lentil soup recipe using these is to saute some onions, a few cloves of chopped garlic, and a few stalks of sliced celery and carrots. When vegetables are soft, throw in the lentils, cover with water and add some spices. Soup's on!

*FYI, for those watching their sodium intake (always a good idea), rinse lentils first.

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