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Speckled. & Sweet.

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

THIS is how brown and speckled I want your bananas to look so they’re super sweet!

Getting ready for the week ahead! Now I’m set for smoothies, desserts, and more.

Any extras get peeled and frozen for yummy nice creams and to keep on hand for when I’m in a pinch.

An overripe banana is rich in antioxidants, which, according to is beneficial in preventing or delaying cell damage in one's body. This, in turn, lowers the risk of diseases. It also improves our immune system.

In general, bananas are incredibly healthy, convenient, delicious, and inexpensive. Here are some of their benefits:

  • Rich in nutrients. ...

  • May improve blood sugar levels. ...

  • May support digestive health. ...

  • May aid weight loss. ...

  • May support heart health. ...

  • Full of antioxidants. ...

  • May help you feel fuller. ...

  • May improve insulin sensitivity when unripe.

Check out this recipe for "nice cream". My favorite add ins are frozen sweet cherries.

Here's what I use:

1 banana, cut in chunks

1/2 cup frozen sweet cherries

1 teas vanilla extract

Splash of unsweetened plant milk drizzled in to keep things moving.

You might have to use a spatula once or twice to move the fruit closer to the blades. Do not overdo it or it will melt.


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