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Updated: Jun 17, 2022

The Segula of the Zera Shimshon

"[Those who learn my Torah] will see children and children’s children…wise and discerning, and homes filled with everything good, and wealth and honor…”

There are countless incredible stories of yeshuos that people have experienced in all areas of their lives, including health, through the learning and spreading of the Zera Shimshon’s Torah.

In fact, R' Chaim Kanievsky ztz"l attested to the power of learning the Zera Shimshon's Torah. Even as little as 5 minutes twice a week can generate the promised blessings. (Click link above to see live footage of this.)

My friend began 'Zera Shimshon for Women’ as a conduit to help women connect to this powerful segulah. Each week she chooses a piece to share from the Zera Shimshon’s divrei torah that are understandable and relatable to women and shares thoughts to help us grow through the inspiration inherent within. I invite you to learn these weekly pieces with us. You can email to get a short weekly Dvar Torah delivered directly to your mailbox.

May we all be zocheh to see the brachos of this tzaddik come to fruition and may our tefillos be answered l’tova. May this learning bring us one step closer to greeting Mashiach B'mehayrah B'yomeinu, Amein!

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