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Early. Shabbos. Shortcut.

Here's a trick I use when we want something warm and cozy for the end of those winter (or summer) Friday night meals. Warm applesauce!

I take a jar of organic unsweetened applesauce, pour it into a glass Pyrex dish, sprinkle with cinnamon, and cover with foil.

I leave it in my oven while we serve the meal, (oven turned off), or put on the blech/hot plate. The house smells so good.

Here are 2 brands I use but there are many others you can find locally.

When I have some more time, I use my Vitamix to make raw applesauce, or throw cut up apples in the instant pot, and pressure cook them for a few minutes.

Other suggestions: Substitute 1/2 the apples with pears or add in the juice of a freshly squeezed orange. Nothing like homemade.....

Enjoy L’chvod Shabbos.

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