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Shine. The. Light.

This past Shabbos, I heard a shiur on Tomer Devorah, given by R Boruch Bodenheim. He spoke about emulating Hashem’s middah of “Hachafetz Chessed”,

He explained that just as Hashem focuses on the “chessed” that we do, (as opposed to what we do wrong), and is forbearing, so too, we should focus on the positive in others and see their true good essence.

As we have mentioned in the past, “Where focus goes, energy flows.” The more attention you give something, the more it comes to be.

As we try to take the 'light of Chanuka' with us into the winter months ahead and beyond, let us SHINE THE LIGHT on those we are closest to so that they can exude their own light under the glow of our love and acceptance. Isn’t that how we all grow best?

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