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Riced. Cauliflower. Cholent.

For those of you who want to lighten up your Shabbos lunch and add more cruciferous vegetables to your meal, (always a good idea!), here's an idea that one of my clients gave me.

She takes riced cauliflower and puts it in a bone bag on top of the cholent. This way it cooks through the night and gives her that warm, savory, Shabbos experience without the heavy feeling some people get after lunch.

Personally, I sauté a chopped onion in water (I always try to keep some on hand to throw into recipes.), and when I am really in the mood to be exotic, I add a variety of sliced mushrooms which add flavor, texture, and nutrition. Then, of course, I throw in a handful of beans.

You know how much I value beans!!! However, to mix it up a little, for those who are daring, you can cut up chunks of firm or extra firm tofu, which takes on the flavor of whatever it’s made with. Just make sure to squeeze out the excess liquid first by pressing the tofu block in paper towels under a heavy item for a bit.

If you’ve never experimented with tofu, and are scared to start, ignore that part for now and go back to beans…..It’s all good! L'chvod Shabbos.

Please share your version. I'd love to hear how it came out!

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