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Lunch. is. Ready.

I love how creative my clients are becoming! One of them just sent me a picture of her lunch: whole grain sprouted Ezekiel tortilla loaded with fiber and protein-rich black beans, high antioxidant and nutrient dense arugula, and homemade matbucha. (Note: Salsa is a great substitute for matbucha.)

Does the idea of bringing more plants into your diet overwhelm you? Do you feel like, "I'd love to whip up a plant-based nutritious lunch, but I don't even know where to start..."?

It's often just a matter of knowing what to buy and how to take simple ingredients (often ready to use) and put them together to make delicious, nourishing and satisfying meals.

Please reach out to to hear about our shopping lists, meal planners, and great recipes to help you jumpstart your journey towards healthier living.

PS. Please send me your favorite way of creating easy delicious plant powered meals. (Picture please!)

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