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Healthy. Hibiscus.

Updated: Jul 8

With the temperatures reaching high into the 90's this Shabbos here in the Northeast, I wanted to share with you my new fave tea, cold brewed Hibiscus!

Hibiscus tea has a slightly floral, fruity flavor with a bit of natural sweetness and a touch of tartness. What makes it a superstar, is that it is ranked # 1 out of 280 beverages in it's antioxidant content, higher than even green tea! (And you know how much I encourage that.)

Studies have also shown that amongst other health benefits, a few cups of Hibiscus tea a day can lower blood pressure by 7 points and help you to control your appetite for weight loss and maintenance. Sounds like a win win to me.

Try making a pitcher of cold brewed Hibiscus tea. For each cup of water, use 1 tea bag. Add some lemon and/or other fruit slices, and a few sprigs of fresh mint leaves for a refreshing Shabbos afternoon drink, resort style!

FYI, Hibiscus is found in the Celestial Seasonings Zinger teas and in many other fruit flavored varieties of herbal teas as well.

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