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Go. Bow. Peep.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

For those of you who like to walk on Shabbos, I found the perfect hat for that afternoon shpatzeir. Now on sale with or without a pretty bow in the back. They feature adjustable sizing and offer many colors and designs. Hopefully it will still keep our sheitals just so. :)

When I tried on the one with the bow, my husband said "I look like Little Bow Peep! " Lol!!! 😂 Should I care?!?!

I decided that not having wrinkles was more important, so I am starting the Bow Peep Revolution! Besides, I always try to strengthen my confidence muscle. :)

Maybe if we all walk around like that, it will be the new in vogue look, so please join me in keeping our skin safe and beautiful, IYH!

Here are the links to order your own.

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