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NEW BEGINNINGS: New week, new month (Shevat and Jan), new secular year.

People love fresh starts and blank pages. With an extra month of Adar and an open Yom Tov calendar on the horizon, now is as good a time as any to start taking steps to what matters to you most.

5 Rules for setting SMART goals

  • S = specific. Your goal should include details of what you want to accomplish.

  • M = measurable. You should be able to measure your progress and accurately determine whether you've accomplished your goal.

  • A = attainable. Your goals could challenge you, yet need to be reachable.

  • R = realistic and relevant.

  • T = timely or time bound. Set to a specific reasonable timeframe that you can monitor.

When it comes to health, setting goals can be overwhelming.

I know the first thing that comes to a lot of people's minds is LOSE WEIGHT! While weight loss is definitely important for short and long term health, (think of how many extra pounds of potatoes you might be carrying around!), just throwing that wish out there is not going to get you anywhere.

You need to start asking yourself more details.

How much do I need to lose to feel successful? By when? How will I do this? Is this realistic? Is this the right time in my life to start this on or is there too much going on?

Meaning, do I have a specific, reasonable, actionable, time-appropriate plan, where I can see the results and am motivated to keep at it?

No one is asking you to go this alone. Without the right information, a proper plan, and support system in place, it's virtually impossible to make the headway you were hoping for. This time, do it right!

Learn the short and long term keys to success that will help you achieve the goal that you've possibly (probably!) set before and weren't able to accomplish or sustain.

I would love to support you on this journey by sharing with you what has worked for me and my clients. Either privately, in a group format, or through my new pre-recorded Healthy. Fit. Free. Nutrition course that you can listen to as you wish.

If getting healthy, with weight loss being a really nice side benefit, seems like something you want to achieve, then please reach out so that we can work together to IYH, help you finally reach those goals, step by step!

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