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Crock. Pot. Liners.

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

While we are on the topic of not using cheap plastic, here's another idea to help avoid it in your cooking. Crock pot liners are really glorified plastic bags. Substitute parchment paper for those crock pot bag liners.

You can single or double line it, and go across 1-2 sheets each way (so 2-4 pieces in total). This should keep the mess from sticking to the bottom while saving you from the harmful plastic compounds seeping into the cholent while it cooks and cooks and cooks, all day and into the next.....

One chat member told me she uses one layer of the 18' size and she gets a pretty clean crockpot after Shabbos. Kudos!

Please continue to share your healthy kitchen hacks that make life just a little bit easier.

PM or email me at I'd love to hear them!

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