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Cold Shower Benefits

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Although you might not find this on the "self care" list of any guru, here are some benefits to cold showers:

Glowing hair and skin, reducing muscle soreness post-workout, potentially boosting weight loss, becoming more alert, increasing circulation, calming itchy skin, and more. (Personally, I have noticed being more resilient and less sensitive to hot and cold weather.)

In the beginning, try putting the water to the coldest temperature for 10 - 20 seconds. As your body gets used to doing this, slowly build up the time in the shower until you've reached about a minute in total. I personally do this post workout. I jump in while my shower is warming up and count “1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi…” while doing a little jig. It distracts me and helps me keep track of the time.

Check out this article for more details and let me know how you feel.

Please note, this is not recommended for anyone with weaker immune systems or heart conditions. Please check with your doctor if you have any medical concerns.

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