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Glass. Class. Act.

As we have mentioned, storing foods and drinks in plastic is never a great option, especially acidic foods like lemon juice or tomato based products.

The plastic from these containers leach into the food and transfers harmful endocrine disruptors like BPA that wreck havoc on our delicate hormonal systems and are known as obesogens. These cause weight gain, fertility issues, and other chronic illnesses. (More on this in another post, IYH.)

The cheap plastic container versions (with the lower numbers in the recycling triangle found on the bottom), that we get in dollar stores and the like, are the worst culprits. This is especially true when you microwave in them or pour in very hot liquids or solids. If used to store or freeze food, make sure to cool the food first.

Whenever possible, store in glass. These containers make it easy with their snap on lids and convenient sizes. They stack well for space saving storage.

The best part is how nice and organized your fridge looks and with the storage containers' contents clearly visible, there's no more second guessing or searching endlessly through the fridge. They are dishwasher safe too. For sale at Costco and online.

FYI, some brands like Pyrex offer double duty as oven to table ware. This allows you to bake and store in the same container. It's always nice when there's one less dish to wash!

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