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Bike. When You Can't. Hike.

Updated: May 24, 2022

When it's this cold outside with no warm weather in the foreseeable future, try out this inexpensive foldable recumbent bike, that is easily adjustable to an upright position as well.

It doesn't even need to be plugged in and it's pretty quiet.

It's a great form of low impact cardio, with a cushioned seat and a comfortable supportive back. The bike's pedals resistance options of 1-8 allow you to create any level circuit you want. My favorite feature is the attached arm resistance pulls which allow me to do a full-body workout, engaging my shoulders, back, core, and more. They even have an app you can connect it to for training options. Boy, am I sweating when I get off that thing!

Personally, I attach a recipe book holder on the front to hold bigger books and a clip light so I can do my reading/learning which keeps my mind occupied, and the time really flies. I feel so accomplished when I'm done.

I would love your feedback if you purchase this and it helps you add a little movement into your day! I know that for me, it has made a huge difference.

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