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Banana Berry Bowl

Updated: 7 days ago


1/2 frozen banana

1 1/2 cups frozen berries

unsweetened (vanilla) plant milk

toppings of choice: granola, chopped nuts, fresh fruit, shredded coconut, chia, hemp or ground flax seeds


1. Blend half a frozen banana with 1.5 cups of berries. (I love using my Vitamix for this!)

2. Add a splash or 2 of unsweetened (vanilla) plant milk to move things along till creamy.

Try with frozen blueberries, açaí, cherries, mango, peaches, or strawberries.

For soft serve ice cream, use 2 whole bananas, cut into chunks.

Best served immediately but can be refrigerated or frozen for later use.

Top with toppings of choice. YUM!

Kitchen Hack: Always buy extra bananas. Let them ripen (black spots = sweet), peel, and keep them in the freezer. You never know when you'll be in the mood!

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