A new day. A new month. A new start.

We know that Hashem gives us a new start each and every day. Even though we learn this from a very young age, it is sometimes so difficult for us to give ourselves that same second chance.

One of my friends reached out to me and shared that her eating was very off while on vacation. She told me that in the beginning, she was really trying to plan ahead and make smart food choices, but things didn’t always go as planned. Her family ended up being out later than scheduled and meals were quick and on the go. After a few days, she threw in the towel and figured she would get back on track once she was home. Like many people, her mindset was "all or nothing".

Now that she is back at home, she feels guilty and upset at herself.

If this same thing happened to you, I’m going to tell you exactly what I told her….

Today is a new day, actually a new month! (Once again, the secular and lunar months are lining up.) Each new day is an opportunity to make healthy choices for today. No looking back. Forward we go!

Start with the basics:

Go back to your water schedule.

Fill up on healthy wholesome foods.

Move move move!

Get enough quality sleep.

Do something to restore your equilibrium and keep you centered (i.e. meditation, deep breathing, yoga, etc).

The faster you get "back in the game," the easier it will be.

Remember, even though you might get sidetracked sometimes, and it can feel so hard to start again, you're on your journey towards your best self and the end goal is worth it!

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