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Cross that Finish Line in Style!

A *balanced exercise routine* is just one of the things I make sure to incorporate into my clients’ programs. Besides for providing motivation and accountability, I also love to pass on any great ideas that can help make it as enjoyable and easy as possible.

Here are 2 amazing tznius exercise skirts from Athleta that are lightweight and stretchy and come in different patterns and colors. I think the fashion world is finally seeing what a powerful market we are. I really hope this 'modest' trend continues!

***Although I have provided links to these skirts below for your convenience, beware that this website features women who are NOT TZNIUS!***

The Spring Forward skirt (right) is perfect for your Shabbos Shpatzeir. (Now on sale)

How can I help you up your exercise game or any other area of your health?

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Can't wait to see YOU cross that finish line!

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