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A. Dream. Come. True.

I wish for each one of you to have the opportunity to experience what I, together with the other participants, experienced over the last two days at my retreat. Seeing what a difference it made in the lives of the women who attended gave me a renewed energy to keep sharing and teaching about healthy living. IY"H, there will be many more events, workshops, and coaching programs to come.

For me, as a health coach, it was beyond incredible to be able to see the spark ignite in so many women who came seeking change. One woman told me that for the first time in her life she could visualize herself as a healthy, thin woman who enjoys eating in a healthy way, when just days before she thought it was an unrealistic dream.

We were enchanted with the beautiful scenery (thank you Hashem!), the gourmet, healthy delicious food (thank you to my daughter, Baila Fixler, and Laufer’s Gourmet in Monsey), the décor and ambiance (thank you Rochel Herz party planning), the incredible workshops (thank you Aviva Aberman, Chaya Hyman and Kathy Shahkoohi), and for the musical entertainment and kumtzitz (thank you Yakira Smith). Special thank you to Ami Feinstein for all the behind the scenes work to "make it happen!" It was beyond incredible!

I know depending on what stage of life you are in, your family, your job, and other responsibilities, getting away for two full days is not doable for everyone. And I get that one-on-one coaching is also not within reach for everyone. However, every one of you DESERVES to take care of yourself and learn how to eat and live in a way that gives you energy, vitality and purpose. It is my goal to make that more accessible and easier for all of you.

I'm working on putting together a small group coaching program that will focus on nutrition, building healthy habits, and how to incorporate them into a busy, frum lifestyle. If that is something that you may be interested in, please email me at Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are some photos from the Healthy Living Fall retreat:

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